Private Street Photography workshops in Rome


Reuven Halevi Photographer


Improve your photographic skills while getting to know the Eternal City in a unique and intimate way!


Born in Oslo and based in Rome, I am a professional, prize winning street and portrait photographer and theatre director. I have lived in Rome for over 20 years and have an intimate knowledge of how the city lives and breaths.


Join me and bring home not only unique photos from Rome, but an improved knowledge about the art and craft of street photography. We will talk about the masters of old and new, but also about how to develop your own personal approach and style to candid shooting. Together we will face issues like composition and staging the scene, how to move in relationship to the stage and subject(s), movement in frame, tension, hunting light and playing with shadows, facing the fear of shooting strangers, culture and general mindset and the benefits of the photographic error, among many others.


I cannot teach you how to become the next Bruce Gilden or Gary Winogrand, and I do not pretend to. But I can teach you a lot about how to approach being a human being with a camera in the midst of the world around you, and how to express that through photography,


Read more about my take on street photography in these interviews in Artphotofeature Magazine, LensCulture, EyeEm, Street Photography in the World Magazine, Inspired Eye Magazine and Soul of Street (in German).


I offer one-on-one workshops (up to four people of the same party) in English, Italian and the Scandinavian languages. The workshop will take place in and around the historical centre of Rome. Every workshop is adapted to your skill level and physical needs and capabilities. They can therefore vary in distances covered (I cover everything between 2 and 20 miles in one day) and places visited. Variables that will influence the route we take can be lighting conditions (based on the time of day and seasonal considerations), weather, the city’s “energy” that specific day (an important topic of the workshop itself), the presence of special occasions like religious processions, parades, social gatherings, etc.


But it does not end there. I will also follow up on your photos and review the work once you are back home. Share your work with me and I will provide critique and useful feedback on how to improve even further.


Groups of up to four people - friends or family - no children under the age of 16.


  • basic camera and photography skills and basic familiarity with your equipment
  • basic knowledge about the history of photography, which is not part of the workshop (this is hands on, not theoretical)
  • a camera with sufficient memory cards and batteries and/or film
  • a 35mm lens or wider (including zoom lenses that go wider than 35mm)
  • good shoes and comfortable clothing according to weather conditions.


Workshop Structure


Send me up to 20 of your best photos (via Dropbox, wetransfer or similar, or send me a link to your online portfolio) and I will review them with you so that we may best tailor the workshop to your needs. 


Let's shoot! I will assist you continuously while we will discuss shooting techniques and how to be photographically street savvy.


Full review of your shots with further tips on editing, post-processing and your next steps.



Credit card or cash.

If you pay electronically, I require full payment in advance for the one-day workshop. In case you pay with cash, full payment must be made when we meet.

For the two- and three-day workshops, 50% must be paid upon booking with the remaining 50% to be paid on day 1 of the workshop.

I offer a 50% refund up till three days in advance of the workshop.



One day (4-5 hours): 200

Two days: 300

Three days: 375


- It is possible to bundle two days into one, making it a 8-10 hour day. Price as for two days. 

- Group discounts may apply.


Availability: contact me here, we chose the date(s) together. Don't worry, your spot is available both week days and during the weekend.


Be sure to check out a very small preview selection from my current ongoing main project on the city of Rome here.






Reuven Halevi Photographer



More info about me:

Winner - EyeEm Awards 2016 - "The Street Photographer"

Finalist - StreetFoto San Francisco 2017

Selected for Director's Choice Series Special Exhibition at photo17 in Switzerland.

Finalist - Brussels Street Photography Festival 2016

Finalist - Miami Street Photography Festival 2016

Member of the InQuadra Collective



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