Created 17-Dec-16
Pop-up and continuously evolving series
These should not be considered series ready for publication in book or even zine form. I have come to find it helpful to share the evolution of these series publicly, or at least semi-publicly, like this. To know that people will stumble on to these series and make up their minds about a lot of things concerning them and my photography gives me a sense of urgency to improve, to chisel away, to reorder, delete and add as best I can.

Dasein - Da·sein - ˈdäzīn/ - the being for which its own being is an issue.
Dasein - LatelyDasein 1 - The Photo PerformerDasein 2 - MiamiDasein - Miami revisitedDasein 3 - A Party in Little HaitiDasein 4 - TransportedDasein 5 - Oslo 1Dasein 7 - Leaving RoomDasein - 13 SymposiumDasein - Streetychs